Let's Train Darts exercises

The system is based on exercises which are performed on two specially designed boards. These two signs are not to replace the traditional dartboard, but serve as preparation for the game board.

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Innovative dartboards

The No.1 and No.2 sign board account for hundreds of different exercises at 3 different levels (beginner, advanced and professional).

Instruction + DVD

In the book are 40 exercises described. A 100% score on practice No. 1 at the lowest level for everyone is absolutely feasible. Even for people who have never play darts. A 100% score on training No 40 at the highest level is virtually impossible.

Real achievable targets

For improvement will be recorded how many darts, and where / what you throw. Because numbers never lie can be determined exactly what your "fingerprint" is a darts player. This is the basis for subsequent exercises, you can instantly see how much you can still improve.

From simple to very difficult

Even the world champion. And the current No.1 in the world, Gary Anderson, has been allowed to see firsthand experience! You will never bored while you are now getting better!